Karate Information


Improving the Body

Our martial arts classes are a great workout. Classes incorporate exercises for strength and balance as well as improving cardiovascular health. Classes are fun and entertaining, encouraging students to work with others. Different instructors means a different workout every class. An interesting workout is more likely to become a long-term habit.

Improving the Mind

Experts have determined that adult brain power diminishes over time if not challenged. Martial Arts develop memorization skills and strengthen the mind-body connection. More important, the classes are fast and focused, taking your attention away from the daily grind.


Tai Chi Course Description

This course explores the traditional Chinese exercise of Tai Chi Chuan. It provides for the development of basic skills and techniques that lead toward an integration of the mind-body-spirit trilogy. Various Chinese fitness exercises in relation to health are explored. Principles of Confucianism and Taoism, including a basic review of Tai Chi history and philosophy are discussed. Overall, the physical discipline and structure of Tai Chi movements are emphasized. The level of difficulty is relatively high, providing a very complete type of bodily training.

Purpose of Class

Through lecture, discussion, demonstration, and student participation, the beginner skill sets of Tai Chi Chuan movements will be taught and practiced during the class This course is designed to accommodate the beginner’s level. The emphasis will be placed on establishing a solid foundation of fundamentals. This course will enhance internal strength and energy while improving one’s balance, vitality, and stamina. As an added feature, Tai Chi Chuan will often relieve inner stress and help calm one’s mind.